History of Carmichael-Legree Post No. 167

Colored Veterans of the World Wars

The Colored Veterans of the World Wars of the State of Florida was originally the Colored Auxiliary. They were sponsored by The U.S.S. Tampa, American Legion Post No. 5. This auxiliary group of veterans was known as Carmichael-Legree Unit 6. The Post became a part of the American Legion National Headquarters in Tampa, Florida in 1946 and was named American Legion Post 167 Carmichael-Legree. Our post is a living memorial to H. A. Carmichael and E. D. Legree who were Coast Guardsmen serving aboard The U. S. S. Tampa. This navel escort vessel was sunk with all hands aboard in the Bristle Channel, England, in September, 1918.

The American Legion Post 167 Carmichael-Legree is comprised of dedicated men and women who served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard (active and reserves) who participated and gave their services to their country during the wars and peace time.

The American Legion Post 167 Carmichael-Legree's duties and responsibilities are to help fellow Legionnaires, Servicepersons, the needy, poor, underpriviledged children, and the community. We sponsor: (1) Young men and women in "Boys State" and "Girls State" (2) Young men and women in the Oratorical Contest (3) Donate time, services and finances to veteran and community organizations when called upon.

Special thanks to all present and past commanders for their efforts in enhancing The American Legion Carmichael-Legree Post 167. May the future commanders, comrades and auxiliaries continue to improve and elevate each year the "Goals and Standards" of the The American Legion Carmichael-Legree Post 167.

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